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The current version of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage is 2017. We have extracted all the safeguarding and welfare requirements that are relevant to out of school clubs from the Statutory Framework 2017, and reformatted them to form an easy-to-use Quick Reference Guide for Out of School Clubs

To slim down the requirements we have removed any that are irrelevant to our sector, such as child ratios for childminders or reception classes in maintained schools. Each requirement is cross-referenced to the appropriate paragraph of the Statutory Framework 2017 so that you can quickly refer back to it. Where necessary we have added our own commentary to the requirements, including noting where there are references to DfE guidance and other legislation that have changed since the Statutory Framework was published in 2017.

All out of school clubs that are registered on Ofsted's Early Years Register must ensure that their policies reflect the Statutory Framework 2017. To make this process easier, after each section in the Quick Reference Guide we list the affected policies from our template documentation sets. 

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