Getting started

The eight basic steps to setting up an out of school club are:

1. Establish the need

Is there sufficient demand for an out of school club? How can you find out? Do the results of your research give you an accurate picture?

2. Decide on your business structure

Will your club be a charity, a social enterprise, or a straightforward business? Should you register as a sole trader or a limited company?

3. Identify sources of funding

Are you eligible for any kind of funding to help you get started? 

4. Find suitable premises

What should you look for when considering premises to use for your club?

5. Apply for Ofsted registration

Does your club need to be registered with Ofsted? If so, don't leave it to the last minute as the application process takes up to 25 weeks (depending on the register).

6. Plan your staffing requirements

How many staff do you need? What roles do they need to fulfil? What qualifications or training must they have?

7. Source your equipment

What equipment do you need for your club? What should you focus on if funds are short? Where should you buy it?

8. Get all your paperwork in place

What policies, procedures and other paperwork do you need for your club?