Club chat guidelines

Welcome to Club Chat, the forum for providers of out of school care.

The forum is here for you to use to share ideas, problems and tips with other people working in the out of school club sector. Please feel free to reply to topics or to start your own discussions. Note that you need to be logged-in in order to post on the forum.

Just click the Quick reply button above a topic, or enter your comments in the Add new comment box beneath a topic, to add your comments to an existing discussion. To start a new topic, click the New topic button above the main list of discussion topics.

Club Chat guidelines:

  • Please be aware this is a public forum and your postings are open for all to see.
  • No blatant advertising or spam. 
  • Abusive, deliberately inflammatory or offensive content will not be tolerated. We will remove any such posts that we find.
  • The Out of School Alliance has non-exclusive copyright in all submissions to the Club Chat, and reserves the right to edit and re-publish these in electronic and print form.
  • Please notify us on if you spot anything that needs to be removed.