Apple love heartWe're a bit shy about showing off so we thought we'd just share some of the nice things that other people have said about our service.

"Wow...thank you. You are a fantastic resource which breaks stuff down for me when I really don't have time to research everything. I really appreciate your service."
Joanne McLoughlin, Cuckoos Nest Childcare

"Am just venturing into this world. We have a desperate need for it at many levels for our village school and I have decided, with no experience in this sector, to try and tackle it. Your website has been a great inspiration so far and given me hope I really can do it!"
Inga Rose

"Thank you so much for your swift response hugely appreciated!"
Tracy Clement, Project Manager, The Gaming Zone

"I am in the process of trying to set up an after school child care group and I have just found your website on Google. I just wanted to say what a 'brilliant' site! Whilst I am in the very early stages, this is a fantast tool and provides all the relevant research and information I need to evaluate what I need to do and how to do it. "
Julia Haviland

"Our policies were so far out of date and I was going to write them from scratch. When I realised, it scared me, there was so much work involved. So I turned to OOSA. We were inspected in November and the report stated that our paperwork was meticulous."
Vicky E., Burnley

"It has been a real benefit to our clubs and has lightened the staff admin work load immensely. We owe thanks to the Out of School Alliance for helping us to get our policies up to date just before our Ofsted inspection. It went a long way to helping us obtain a 'good' grade."
OOSA member

"I like things that focus on play work rather than lumping preschools and other aged kids in together. OOSA is really targeted at you. If I want to download the activities then I know that they are geared to the ages of the kids we're working with. We know it's tested and so it's far better to use OOSA than anything else."
Deborah H., Lancashire

"OOSA is a great support for myself as a sole trader with no previous experience of setting up my own business, I could not have done it without you!"
OOSA member

"Being a member of OOSA was invaluable when setting up our club, the newsletter very informative and information relevant and useful. "
Lindsey S., Macclesfield

"All of the info on the website is really useful. The disk that I got with the policies on it has been very useful too. OOSA membership helps us to be more professional at our jobs, our staff get access to new activities etc and it stops us from getting stale."
Shona D., Berwick-upon-Tweed