OOSA Jobs Service

Children blowing bubblesFinding suitably qualified staff who are also prepared to work the odd hours typically demanded by after school clubs and holiday clubs can be a headache for club managers, while the cost of advertising in even the local press can be prohibitively expensive for small organisations.

So in response to feedback from our members, we have set up the OOSA Jobs Service to provide a new and straightforward way to advertise vacancies specifically for the out of school club and playwork sector.

View playwork job vacancies

Advertise a playwork job vacancy

Rates for advertising job vacancies on the OOSA Jobs Service are kept very low for members to encourage use of the service. Non-members are also welcome to advertise. Vacancies are listed for only one month at a time to ensure that the the job listings remain up to date.

We welcome your feedback. Please send any comments or suggestions for how we could improve the OOSA Jobs Service to info@oosa.co.uk