Tired of wasting your time doing paperwork or generating registers?

magicbooking logoForget paper forms, say goodbye to spreadsheets, bookings over the phone or typing a register and step into the 21st century with magicbooking!

The only booking system, exclusively built for out of school clubs and holiday play-schemes, that saves you ££££.

magicbooking streamlines and automates your day-to-day admin tasks, enables parents to book and pay online from the comfort of their home or on the go from their phone, takes payments for you or chases up unpaid invoices!


magicbooking works in the background and takes care of your admin so you can spend more time entertaining the kids, chatting with parents, developing your business or 'simply' chilling out after a hard week at work.

magicbooking - mobile screenHere is what it does:

  • allows online bookings and payments
  • supports automated recurring payments
  • supports multiple sessions
  • calculates availability in real-time
  • generates daily registers
  • flags up medication and dietary needs on the daily register
  • applies sibling and weekly discounts accurately
  • allows different price bands based on users' groups
  • calculates free EYFS entitlement
  • generate dashboards for expected childcare vouchers & standing orders
  • generates invoices
  • provides dedicated screens to easily reconcile childcare vouchers & standing orders
  • sends booking confirmations, payment reminders, etc.
  • provides a powerful communication module to send marketing messages
  • gives you access to hundreds of reports...

magicbooking - dashboard viewNothing to install

magicbooking lives in the Microsoft Cloud, one of the fastest and most secured web platforms. There is no software to purchase, no upgrades or backups to worry about, it is available from anywhere and gives you access to all the information you need from one single place: children's data, parents’ info, collectors, emergency or doctor contact details, dietary and religious requirements, medication and SEN, bookings, invoices, statements and payments are safely stored and readily accessible.

Next Steps

Hundreds of centres trust magicbooking and save themselves 2hrs a day or £4000+ in admin costs alone. You can be next.

Our subscriptions start from £72 per month and OOSA members get 20% discount (£57.60 per month), a saving of £172.80 per year.

Contact us today and walk into a new environment on Monday. An environment without paper and... completely automated!

You could be up and running tomorrow, why delay it?

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