Kids activities - mini membership

Boys in glasses having funOver the years we have built up a library of hundreds of factsheets for games, crafts, recipes and other activities to keep your children engaged and entertained. These have all been tested on real live children (most of whom survived the experience).

The activities are all aimed at primary school children (ie those aged 5-11), and make use of cheap and readily available materials wherever possible.

Library of kids' activities

To make browsing our huge library of kids' activities easier, we've divided them into the following broad categories:

Mini Membership

Access to our complete library of kids' activities is usually restricted to Full Members of the Out of School Alliance, but with the introduction of our new Mini Membership scheme, anyone who has children that need entertaining or engaging or otherwise occupying can now benefit from this essential resource.

Mini Membership costs just £10 and gives you access to all of our activities for six months. You can take out a Mini Membership subscription today and start browsing through our library of activities straightaway.



Frequently asked questions about Mini Membership

  • How long does the Mini Membership subscription last?
    The standard subscription period is six months. You are of course welcome to renew after this period if you wish, but we won't do so automatically.
  • Can I make use of other OOSA membership features if I'm a Mini Member?
    No. Mini Membership allows you to make use of the library of activity factsheets only.
  • I'm already a member of the Out of School Alliance - do I need to take out a Mini Membership subscription as well?
    Access to the library of activity factsheets is already included in your Full Membership. Full Members should access the library via the Activity Planning section.
  • Can I pay for my Mini Membership via cheque or bank transfer?
    We are only able to accept online payments via debit or credit cards for Mini Membership subscriptions.