The Low Stress Party Book

The Low Stress Party BookIn a world where we are bombarded with 'perfect' images on Instagram and Facebook, it is easy to get sucked into thinking that children's parties need to be elaborate affairs, which require weeks of preparation and dizzying expense. But in reality, most children need little more than lots of balloons, crisps and something to keep them entertained!

Our new Low Stress Party Book aims to be the antidote to competitive partying: we've put together a selection of low cost/low effort party games, food and decoration ideas so that you can actually enjoy your child's party (and also amaze the other parents with your laid-back demeanour).

All the party games and activities have been tested on real live children, very few of whom were injured in the process, and the food offerings have been enthusiastically welcomed over the years by our own offspring and their friends. Altogether the Low Stress Party Book contains 51 cheap and easy ideas so that your child's party neither breaks the bank, nor your spirit!

How to purchase

The Low Stress Party Book is supplied as a downloadable PDF document and costs £10.00. It can only be ordered online.

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Sample pages from the book

Balloon Waddle party game  Festoon lights  Human hungry hippos  Cheese whirls recipe

Contents of the pack

The Low Stress Party Book contains instructions for 51 party games, recipes and decoration ideas:

 List of party games    Party food list   List of party decoration ideas

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The Low Stress Party Book is supplied in PDF format via a download link.

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