Club Manager, Wandsworth, South London

Club or setting:Schools Out Club
Location:Wandsworth, South London
Hours:5 hours per day, 5 days per week, term time only
Job title:Club Manager
Salary:£14.54 per hour
Closing date:5 November 2021


Job Description- Schools Out Club Manager

The Club Manager has the responsibility for the Schools Out Club and the Schools Out Club staff during club hours.

The Club Manager reports to the Centre Manager who is responsible to the Balham Community Centers Board of Trustees.

The Club Manager will:

  1. Ensure that the club meets all requirements set by OFSTED
  2. Ensure that proper financial management of the club is carried out within an agreed budget. e.g. keeping monthly petty cash accounts, recording fees and ensuring that parents understand the method of payment.
  3. Interview new parents before registration of their child/children into club and ensure that parents receive support in completing the forms.  Assist parents with any additional forms that may be required to secure funding for their childcare.
  4. Be responsible for children’s files records etc.   
  5. Be responsible for maintaining records and files in relation to the club.
  6. Deal with correspondence promptly.
  7. ensure that the necessary food required for the daily menu is purchased
  8. Arrange the necessary resources to implement a programme

The Club Manager will:

  1. Work with the children during the evening session
  2. Be responsible for ensuring that professional standards of care are applied, and that a safe and stimulating environment is provided.
  3. Plan and organise termly a programme of activities, supervising these and ensuring that they are satisfactorily implemented.
  4. Ensure the well-being of children at all times
  5. Provide a termly balanced menu taking into account children’s cultural and dietary needs, ensuring that food Hygiene standards are maintained
  6. Liaise with Social Services where appropriate and discuss concerns relating to any individual child.
  7. Be responsible, with other staff for setting up and clearing away after a session, ensuring that the workplace is left in a suitable condition for the next user group.
  8. Be responsible for ensuring that the children are collected from school/class, escorted safely to the club site, and returned safely to their parents/carers care at the end of each session.
  9. Be responsible for ensuring that first aid is given whenever necessary and that children are escorted to hospital if appropriate.
  10. Ensure that accidents and incidents of any nature are recorded in full and reported to the parents/carers.
  11. Arrange meetings for children to discuss their needs.
  12. Plan and organise celebrations of events and festivals for the children.

The Club Manager will:

  1. Be responsible for the supervision of staff
  2. Arrange and attend regular Schools Out Club team meetings
  3. Attend regular Schools Out Club area meetings
  4. Ensure that the staff team receive continuing support.

Other Duties
The Club Manager will:

  1. Co-ordinate closely with the Centre Manager over day to day organisation, activities and planning
  2. Attend regular meetings with the other Schools Out Club  managers
  3. Attend the Board of Trustee meetings at least 3 times in any year.
  4. Ensure that all the Schools Out Club staff help with organisation of Balham Community Centre fund raising events and the promotion of the Balham Community Centre.
  5. Adhere to all Balham Community Centre policies and procedures, and to ensure that safe working practices are followed.
  6. Liaise with the head teachers and their staff on a regular basis, and to ensure that the schools information about the club is always up to date.
  7. Encourage the use of volunteers and ensure that they get adequate supervision and support.
  8.  Meet with the Centre Manager on a regular basis to discuss any queries, problems etc.
  9. Liaise with appropriate community groups and statutory agencies
  10. Help to promote Schools Out Clubs.

The Club Manager will be expected to undertake any training that the Board of Trustees and Centre Manager consider to be suitable and to recommend training for the Schools Out Club staff.

Salary is paid on the 15th of each month (39 weeks divide by 12)

Monday to Friday term time only
25 hours per week 1.30p.m to 6.30p.m

Over a 12 month period  28 days pro rata paid - increasing one day a year after 2 years’ service to a maximum of 32 days (pro rata).
All term time staff members’ holiday entitlement is calculated and included with the monthly salary.

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Date posted:6 October 2021